One of the marquee events of every year for anyone interested in antitrust is the Annual Antitrust Symposium at the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School. With a flurry of recent developments in antitrust law and a change in presidential administrations, this year’s symposium promises to an especially important one, bringing together leading scholars, regulators, and practitioners to engage in discussions sure to illuminate and influence the path ahead.

Co-sponsored by the George Mason Law Review and the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI), the 24th Annual Antitrust Symposium—"Biden Antitrust and Beyond: Emerging Competition Issues for the 2020s"—will be held online from February 16-19, 2021. The agenda includes a keynote speech by Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General (Feb. 16, 12p*), and panels on:

  • Biden Antitrust: New Leadership, New Challenges (Feb. 16, 4:00p)
  • Tech Platform Cases: Sound Enforcement, Politics, or Both? (Feb. 17, 12:00p)
  • Antitrust Litigation 2021 Outlook (Feb. 17, 4:00P)
  • The Future of FTC Remedies (Feb. 18, 12:00P)
  • Antitrust and Collegiate Athletics (Feb. 18, 4:00p)

The program concludes with:

  • Introduction and Judges’ Discussion of GAI Moot Court Invitational Problem (Feb. 19, AM)
  • GAI Moot Court Invitational: Final Arguments (Feb. 19, 2021, following introduction)

Registration is open and available here.

*all times Eastern