Tuesday, citizens came out in two states to shape their state judiciaries with their votes. 

In Pennsylvania, three seats on the state supreme court were on the ballot. Sitting Republican Justice Sallie Mundy defeated Democratic Judge Dwayne D. Woodruff in a state-wide partisan election, while Chief Justice Thomas Saylor, a Republican, and Justice Debra Todd, a Democrat, stood for state-wide retention by voters to remain on the bench, both were retained. 

In Wisconsin, Justice Annette Ziegler won an uncontested election to remain on the Wisconsin Supreme Court for another ten-year term. 

In Virginia, a competitive race for Attorney General took place that garnished national interest. Incumbent Attorney General, a Democrat, defended his seat from Republican challenger John Adams, winning the race by more than 6 points in a statewide election that saw Democrats make huge gains across the board. 

To learn more about how each state decides its judiciary, consult the user-friendly Federalist Society State Courts Guide. This map serves as an excellent illustration of the diversity of the American government.