• A Michigan Supreme Court ruling resulted in the state's 2012 "Right to Work" law applying to civil servants in addition to private employees. The plaintiffs claimed that the state's Civil Service Commission, established by the state constitution, had exclusive power to set the terms of employment for civil servants. The Supreme Court held 4-3 that the Commission did not have constitutional authority to assess the "agency shop fees" in the first place, so it did not need to address whehter the "Right to Work" law permitted state employees to opt out of them. Read more at the Detroit Free Press; read the opinion here.
  • The California Supreme Court ruled that the text of a will can be overridden by clear evidence that the result is out of keeping with the testator's intent. The new rule reverses a 50-year-old precedent in California. Read more at SFGate.
  • The Oklahoma Supreme Court denied state Attorney General Scott Pruitt's request to reconsider its opinion ordering the removal a Ten Commandments monument on state land. Read more at the Durant Democrat.
"Oklahoma State Capitol" © Caleb Long. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons.