John Bolton called President Trump's UN speech on Tuesday the best of his presidency. Actually, much of it sounded like it had been written by Bolton. It was truly a great speech. Clearly in content. And while this POTUS is not a gifted orator like Reagan, he projected such power, clarity and determination that foreign leaders certainly now know that the US is once again leading – and not from behind.

Not surprisingly, Josh Earnest, former White House Press Secretary for President Obama, opined that President Trump was “foolish to goad or provoke or mock” the North Korean leader. The Venezuelan Foreign Minister also rejected Trump’s threats to promote “restoring” Venezuelan democracy, saying, “For a moment, we didn’t know if we were listening to President Reagan in 1982 or President Trump in 2017.” Reagan is, was, and will be remembered around the world (in the words of NBC News at the time of his death) because, “He stunned the Soviet Union with his tough rhetoric, calling it an ‘evil empire’ whose leaders gave themselves the right to commit every crime.”