The Federalist Society’s Practice Groups Division is excited to announce the winners of our inaugural Volunteer of the Year and Practice Group Executive Committee of the Year awards. Our 15 PG Executive Committees are made up of nearly 600 top tier legal thought leaders from across the country. Committee members generously volunteer their time to FedSoc and work year round to help us produce the best legal and policy discussion and events. This year we decided to surprise our hardworking volunteers with special awards to acknowledge the very best individual and group efforts from the past year. The winners are...  


Svetlana S. Gans - The Volunteer of the Year Award has been presented to Svetlana Gans. Svetlana is a Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP and serves as Executive Committee Co-Chair of the Corporations, Securities & Antitrust Practice Group. She is also a Member of the Regulatory Transparency Project (RTP). This year, Svetlana stood up 3 webinars focused on the FTC with almost 35,000 combined views on YouTube, planned 4 in-person antitrust briefings and luncheons, assisted in the publishing of numerous blog posts, and coordinated the luncheon fireside chat on the state of antitrust at this year's 11th Annual Executive Branch Review Conference with former FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz and former FTC Commissioner Noah Joshua Phillips. We are grateful for the energy she has brought to the Executive Committee as Co-Chair and the important impact she has made upon the Federalist Society's antitrust programming over the past year.

Civil Rights Practice Group Executive Committee - The Practice Group Executive Committee of the Year Award has been presented to the Civil Rights Practice Group, led by its Chairman Kenneth L. Marcus. The Civil Rights Practice Group has displayed an unparalleled commitment to timely, quality programming in 2023. They have sponsored or co-sponsored 24 webinars, 17 FedSoc Blog posts, 3 in-person panels, and 2 Federalist Society Review articles. This year alone, their work has generated over 145,000 views. There is no question that the Civil Rights Practice Group had an incredible year, worthy of this special recognition. We truly appreciate each of the hardworking members of the Executive Committee who contributed to the group's success.

The Federalist Society is indebted to the hard work of all our volunteers who serve our organizational mission to sponsor fair, serious, and open debate and discussion. We are thrilled to begin this annual tradition of recognizing the tremendous efforts of our most committed volunteers. The campaign for the 2024 awards begins now!

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