The Olin-Searle-Smith-Darling Fellowship program offers top young lawyers with a scholarly bent the opportunity to spend 1-2 years to write and develop their scholarship with the goal of entering the legal academy. The fellowship offers full time research fellowships, part-time research fellowships, and a full-time clinical fellowship. 

The Fellowship is housed at a top law school, selected in consultation with the Selection Committee, the Fellow, and the law school.  Full-time fellows receive a stipend which includes $70,000 plus health benefits. 

Strong candidates for the research fellowships likely will be a few years out of law school or in joint JD/PhD programs, have strong academics, and have done clerkships and/or be doing or have recently completed advanced degrees. They also should have a piece of writing that gives a sense of their academic potential. Strong candidates for the clinical fellowship should have more practice experience and it should relate to the clinical subject that they wish to teach. Applications should be completed through our website, which also includes additional details about each fellowship:

·  Full-Time Olin-Searle-Smith-Darling Fellowship:

·  Part-Time Fellowship:

·  Clinical (Full-Time):

All fellowship applications should be received no later than March 15, 2022.

Questions should be directed to [email protected].