Olin-Searle-Smith-Darling Fellows in Law (Full-Time)

Faculty Division Research Fellowship 2024-2025

The Olin-Searle-Smith-Darling Fellows in Law program will offer top young legal thinkers the opportunity to spend one to two years working full time on writing and developing their scholarship with the goal of entering the legal academy. 

A distinguished group of academics will select the Fellows. Criteria include:

  • Dedication to teaching and scholarship
  • A J.D. and extremely strong academic qualifications (such as significant clerkship or law review experience)
  • Commitment to the rule of law and intellectual diversity in legal academia
  • The promise of a distinguished career as a legal scholar and teacher

Fellows will also be expected to participate either in person or virtually in an interactive workshop series offering peer and faculty feedback to help them develop their scholarship. They will also be expected to participate in an introductory workshop at the beginning of the fellowship as well as a job talk workshop to help them prepare for the academic market.


Stipends will include $70,000 plus health benefits. The Fellowship will be housed at a top law school, selected in consultation with the Fellowship Selection Committee, the Fellow, and the law school. While details will be worked out with the specific host school for the Fellow, in general the Fellow will be provided with an office and access to research and law journal submission accounts, and will be included in the life of the school. Fellows are not expected to hold other employment during the term of their fellowships.


All those who believe they fit the criteria are encouraged to apply. Applicants should submit the following:

  • A resume and law school transcript
  • Academic writing sample(s) with an approximately 50-page limit on the total number of pages submitted (i.e. two 25-page pieces are fine, two 50-page pieces are not)
  • A brief discussion of their areas of intellectual interest/research agenda (approximately 2 pages)
  • A statement of their commitment to teaching law
  • At least two and generally no more than three letters of support. These should come from people who can speak to your academic potential and should generally include at least two letters from law professors. If you are doing interdisciplinary work a letter from someone who can speak to your work in that area is also helpful. You may also include additional references with phone numbers.

Applications must be received no later than March 15, 2024.

Applicants will be notified in mid-May 2024.


Please have letters of recommendation sent to Justin Drewer by email (preferred) at [email protected] or in hard copy at:

Olin-Searle-Smith-Darling Fellows in Law Program
ATTN: Justin Drewer
c/o The Federalist Society
1776 I Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20006