While I’m missing Justice Don Willett’s presence at #FedSoc2015, other judges have done their part to engage people and have fun on the panels. This year, judges’ wisecracks on #FedSoc2015 panels have left me cry-laughing. Yesterday, Judge Raymond Randolph interjected hilarious comments while others were speaking, and had some great punchlines. He had the whole room laughing. At one point, he lamented the phrase “prior dissent,” noting, “is there any other kind?” Today, Hon. Raymond Gruender had almost as much fun during the panel he moderated.

The Federalist Society members are some of the nicest people, and the judges are always approachable. But this year, despite Willett’s absence, we’re reminded they’re also some of the funniest.

* * * * *

Shoshana Weissmann, The Weekly Standard