You would think that FedSoc members come to the National Lawyers Convention for the great array of panelists and fabulous events. Well, after conducting some of the most serious research ever conducted, I can definitively say that you would be wrong. People come to the convention for one thing...the chocolate fountain. Who can blame them? Don’t get me wrong, all of the convention is fantastic, and I think anyone who attends would say the same thing. Personally, I wait until the reception is about to end before I go over to the chocolate fountain because throughout the night people will accidentally drop the various dippable items into the bottom of the fountain. This allows me to use one of the wooden skewers to stab into the chocolate abyss and acquire a chocolate soaked treat.  

Thank you FedSoc and all of its members for everything you do, but always remember: life is like a chocolate fountainyou never know what you’re going to get.

* * * * *

Jack Neblett is the Assistant Director of Practice Groups and Director of CLE at the Federalist Society.