The Federalist Society Blog is pleased to host live streams of ten National Lawyers Convention panels and addresses this week, starting with Thursday morning's showcase panel. Check back here if you can't make it to the Convention, and share!

Concluded panels:

The Evolution of Justice Scalia's Views on Administrative Law

How Justice Scalia's Writing Style Affected American Jurisprudence

Justice Scalia's Contribution to Antitrust Law

Courts vs. Congress: What is a Patentable Invention?

Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture: Senator Ben Sasse

International & National Security Law: Justice Scalia’s Jurisprudence & National Security

Addresses by Gov. Nikki Haley & Sen. Ted Cruz

Rules v. Standards in Constitutional & Statutory Interpretation

Justice Scalia on Federalism and the Separation of Powers

Labor and Employment Law: the Battle for the Gig Economy

Panel discussion on Justice Scalia's constiutional legacy concerning statutory interpretation