Adam White writes for the Weekly Standard:

What if the left threw a high-tech lynching and no one came? It happened this spring, although you probably didn’t notice. On April 16, HBO aired Confirmation, a docudrama version of Justice Clarence Thomas's 1991 Senate confirmation hearings​—​more specifically, of Anita Hill's sexual harassment accusations against her former boss and mentor. It flopped.

At first glance, Confirmation seemed a strange choice to receive the full HBO treatment. The film attempted to turn a 1994 book, Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson's Strange Justice, into a major 2016 television event. As the book's title suggests, Mayer and Abramson set out to construct a compelling anti-Thomas case out of themes that had failed to convince the Senate and the American public in 1991. Even the New York Times's book reviewer, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, noted skeptically upon its release that Strange Justice took "a fragile hypothesis and then buil[t] a monumental case out of it."

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