Over the past several years, the Federalist Society’s Practice Groups have developed, designed, and produced thousands of Teleforums. The concept behind Teleforums was simple: an expert or panel of experts who might otherwise address a group of students or lawyers in person could instead speak from his or her own office, and lawyers across the country could tune in for an event they would otherwise miss due to business or geography.

Teleforums began as telephone-based conference calls. In the Covid-19 era, we transitioned to Zoom-based webinars. The change of format allowed the audience to see our presenters, which improved the programs, and they enhanced the Teleforum experience in a number of technical ways for presenters, audience members, and host.

Now, we’re bidding farewell to Teleforums and introducing in their place FedSoc Forums. In the coming days, a new FedSoc Forums landing page will go live on our website. This page will display recent and upcoming webinars in an audience-friendly format.

In collaboration with our Digital team, we have reworked the way content is displayed on the webpage, redesigned the video thumbnails, and crafted new logos for each of the 15 practice groups, which will be prominently featured on the new Practice Groups landing page.

The Teleforum podcast feed will become FedSoc Forums, equipped with a new logo. All previous content will remain on the feed. We are also creating the fedsocforums@fedsoc.org email domain for our audience to submit questions or suggest topics.

We hope you’ll agree that these changes mark an improvement to our efforts, and we welcome your feedback!

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