The Federalist Society joins the family, friends, and professional colleagues of Gerald Walpin of New York City in mourning his sudden and tragic passing on Friday, June 24th. Jerry Walpin was a man of tremendous character, integrity, and patriotism, and his commitment to the principles of limited, constitutional government have been a source of great inspiration.

Jerry was an original member of the Federalist Society's Board of Visitors, as well as the first chairman of the Society's Litigation Practice Group and an advisory board member of the New York City Lawyers Chapter. A speaker at Federalist Society programs, he valued academic freedom and the spirit of debate as means of seeking truth.

Though the Federalist Society mourns the loss of Jerry Walpin, we have as well a sense of gratitude and joy for having had the benefit of his friendship, wisdom, intellect, and tenacity.

Requiescat in Pace.

Eugene B. Meyer
The Federalist Society