Practice Groups Virtual Symposium - Revealing Documents from the Watergate Prosecutions CLE Instructions

CLE Instructions and Materials

CLE is being offered for this event for ZOOM ATTENDEES ONLY. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that you receive credit.

Step 1: REGISTER for the event.

Step 2: SIGN IN using the electronic sign-in form at the beginning of the event.  The link to the sign-in form will be included in the chat box and announced at the beginning of the event.

Step 3: LOOK FOR AND WRITE DOWN THE UNIQUE EVENT CODES.  A unique code will be given on screen at some point both before and after the break.  These codes must be entered into the electronic certificate of attendance form in order to receive CLE credit for the event.

Step 4: SIGN OUT using the link provided in the chat box.

Within 3 days of the event, The Federalist Society’s CLE Administrator will contact all attendees who have both signed in and signed out of the symposium with the next steps for receiving CLE credit for the event.  If you do not receive this email, please contact us at [email protected].

You may access CLE materials for the event here:

You can check on the status of your state’s approval here:
If you have any questions about the CLE application process or your status, please email us at [email protected].