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Administrative Law & Regulation

Free To Choose Medicine by Gregory Conko & Bartley J. Madden


Civil Rights

The Parade of Horribles Lives: Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessarby Gail Heriot

A Lady or a Tiger?: Thoughts on Fisher v. University of Texas and the Future of Race Preferences in America by Alison Schmauch Somin


Criminal Law & Procedure

Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Forfeiture Laws by Darpana M. Sheth

Maryland v. King: Possibly the Most Important Criminal Procedure Case in Decades An Exchange Between Greg Brower & Norman Reimer


Environmental Law & Property Rights

Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District and Its Implications for Takings Law by Brian T. Hodges


Free Speech & Election Law

Part II: Can States Require Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration?: Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona by Anthony T. Caso


International & National Security Law

Clearing the Air: The Real Reason Why Drones are the Weapon of Choice in Counterterrorism and Why That Is a Good Thing for Civilians by Michael W. Lewis


Labor & Employment Law

Worker Centers: Charities or Labor Organizations Masquerading as Charities?—and the Impact of an IRS Determination on the Question by Heidi Abegg


Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

Are American Law Schools Failing?  An Exchange Between Brian Tamanaha & Harold See


Religious Liberties

In Whose Name We Pray: Restoring the Establishment Clause in Town of Greece v. Galloway by Kenneth A. Klukowski


Telecommunications & Electronic Media

Government Must Take Prompt, Decisive Action as Spectrum Deficit Looms for American Consumers by John M.R. Kneuer & Rachael M. Bender

The Cybersecurity Overreach: A Few Harsh Words About the President’s Cybersecurity Executive Order, Along with a Better Solution by Patricia Paoletta


Book Reviews

America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime, and Warfare by Joel Brenner  Reviewed by Hartman Young