Regulatory Hurdles for Entrepreneurs: The Story of Project Belle

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Armand Lauzon created a cutting-edge business called Project Belle.  Belle is a service that connects consumers directly with health and beauty professionals for in-home or at-work care in Tennessee.  A Tennessee salon owner who “found this type of competition highly disturbing” reported Lauzon’s business to the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology.  The Board determined that Belle had run afoul of a regulation that makes it illegal in Tennessee to practice cosmetology outside of a brick-and-mortar salon.  The Board issued Lauzon a $500 penalty and a cease-and-desist notice.  Believing his business model to be outside the scope of the regulation—Lauzon does not own a salon and does not perform cosmetology services himself—and indeed the Board’s authority, Lauzon challenged the Board’s order.

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  • Armand Lauzon, Founder & CEO, Belle
  • Braden H. Boucek, Director of Litigation, Beacon Center of Tennessee

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