William Vazquez Irizarry is a tenured professor at the University of Puerto Rico School

of Law, where he teaches Administrative Law, Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure.

Before joining the UPR’s faculty, he served as Executive Assistant to Governor Sila

Calderon’s Chief of Staff, legal counsel to Governor Sila Calderón and Attorney General

of Puerto Rico.


Vazquez obtained an LL.M. from the London School of Economics. He is known for his

lectures and publications on the topic of administrative law in Puerto Rico. Most

notably, he has made an in-depth study of the powers of the Office of the Governor of

Puerto Rico and the use of executive orders: “Los poderes del Gobernador de Puerto

Rico y el uso de órdenes ejecutivas”, 76 Rev. Jur. UPR 715 (2007). More recently, he

addressed the issue of lockdowns in Puerto Rico in an opinion piece published at El

Nuevo Dia newspaper.