Ognian V. Shentov

Dr. Ognian V. Shentov

Of Counsel, Jones Day

Dr. Ognian Shentov is a lead trial lawyer who secured over $30 million damages in a patent infringement case, where the jury verdict was affirmed en banc by the Federal Circuit. He directed a joint defense group of international companies in a semiconductor manufacturing dispute and has led jury trials, arbitrations, and numerous claim construction and summary judgment hearings. His practice focuses on patent, trade secret, copyright, and complex technology issues in the electronics, communications, artificial intelligence (AI), medical device, and finance industries.

Oggie represents companies like IBM, Qualcomm, DirecTV, Lenovo, Marine Polymer, and Chevron in matters ranging from distributed servers, to satellite television, MPEG video, dynamic web page generation, anti-hemmoraging devices, and trade secret misappropriation of high-throughput technology. He was lead attorney in an instituted PTAB trial on Distributed Antenna Systems. Oggie also represents Korean companies, successfully defending SOLiD, Inc. against a competitor by defeating the asserted patents on summary judgment and jury verdict of noninfringement, as well as Sewoon and Taewoong in a dispute over stents. With litigation in mind, he also builds patent portfolios and has prosecuted more than 500 patents with international counterparts.

Oggie is vice chair of the International Patent Law and Trade committee of the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) Association and a five-term vice chair of its U.S. Patent Law committee. He frequently leads panel discussions on intellectual property (IP), lectures internationally on AI-related legal issues and, along with several technical journal articles, has published on issues of patent eligibility, international IP protection, portfolio management, and monetization.