Neil Averitt

Neil Averitt

Opinion Columnist, FTC:WATCH

Neil Averitt is a lawyer, editor, and writer.

He was born in Washington, D.C., and later attended Dartmouth College, Harvard College, the London School of Economics, and Harvard Law School, where he was Note Editor on the Law Review.

For most of his professional career he practiced law at the Federal Trade Commission, helping to formulate policy on both antitrust and consumer protection issues. He has worked as advisor to one of the Commissioners, assistant to the Chairman, and as acting head of the antitrust planning staff. He has written numerous articles on antitrust topics, and has contributed to the briefs in a number of Supreme Court litigations.

He was the principal author of the Commission’s 1980 policy statement on its consumer unfairness jurisdiction, and of the opinion in International Harvester which formally adopted that statement.

He presently writes a column of opinion and analysis for the newsweekly FTC:WATCH.

Averitt is married to Kirstin Downey, who is also a writer. She recently published a biography of Frances Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor, under the title of The Woman Behind the New Deal (Random House 2009). She is presently working on a biography of Queen Isabella of Spain (Random House 2014).

Averitt lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


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