The 2022 National Lawyers Convention was one for the books! The Scalia Dinner featured brief remarks by Justices Alito and Barrett, and the convention days included addresses by Judge Pryor, Senator Lee, Professor Epstein, and Judge Randolph. As if that Who’s Who weren’t enough, the showcase and breakout panels were brimming with incredible speakers and overflowing with insight. The convention theme was The Current State of the Legal Profession, a timely topic and very worthy of the indepth treatment it received. As always, the conversation continues in our student and lawyers chapters and among our faculty and practicing members. Please join us as we consider the future of our profession and its place in American society.

Student chapter leaders have been doing excellent work planning and hosting events on their campuses. The Student Division has developed a new way to recognize their service: beautiful commendations awarded to leaders who pass the bar exam. See an example in these pages, alongside a profile of an exemplary student leader. And don’t forget to save the date for the National Student Symposium! It is conference season for our Lawyers Chapters! January saw statewide conferences in Missouri and Florida, as well as our regional Western Chapters Conference. See inside for photos of these events, and save the date for the next statewide or regional conference near you! The Faculty Division hosted the Annual Faculty Conference in early January, as well as a breakfast at the NLC. It also cosponsored a special lecture event featuring Judge Don Willett.

The Practice Groups have been actively hosting events and webinars, but their main focus in the last few months, as featured in these pages, was on planning and hosting their NLC breakout sessions. Watch panels you missed online, and keep up with upcoming programming by visiting Our Regulatory Transparency Project has been hosting live events and releasing excellent new videos and podcasts. See inside for details, and follow their work at Freedom of Thought and the Digital Division both hosted events at the NLC, which you can read about in these pages. External Relations have been active in both hosting events and publishing new articles. Don’t forget to save the date for the 11th Annual Executive Branch Review Conference in Washington, DC. And visit our website to read, listen to, and watch new content, and to find upcoming events near you!

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