In an effort to increase dialogue about state court jurisprudence, the Federalist Society presents the latest issue of State Court Docket Watch. This issue features articles on the state courts of New York, Maine, West Virginia, Washington, South Carolina, Missouri, and California.

  • New York and Maine High Courts Review State Financing of Schools by Amber Taylor
  • West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Finds Significant Economic Presence Test Better Indicator for Nexus than Physical Presence Requirement by Dean A. Heyl
  • Washington Supreme Court Upholds Talk Show Hosts' Right to Free Speech by Andy Cook
  • South Carolina Supreme Court Creates New Duty of Medical Care Providers to Non-Patients
  • Missouri High Court Finds Constitutional Right to Collective Bargaining for Public Sector Employees by Jonathan Bunch
  • New York Court of Appeals Rules on Contraception Case by Gerard Bradley
  • California Supreme Court to Consider Partisan Government Campaigning