Administrative Law & Regulation

Agency Taxation 
    by Christopher DeMuth Sr.

Civil Rights 

The Kudzu of of Civil Rights Law: Disparate Impact Spreads Into Educational “Resource Comparability”
    by Carissa Mulder
Anecdotes as Evidence: Proving Public Contracting Discrimination in a Strict Scrutiny World
    by John Sullivan

Criminal Law & Procedure

Interpol’s Transnational Policing By “Red Notice” and “Diffusions”: Procedural Standards, Systemic Abuses, and Reforms Necessary to Assure Fairness and Integrity
    by Peter M. Thomson

Environmental Law & Property Rights 

EPA’s Use of Co-Benefits
    by C. Boyden Gray
Human Responsibility, Not Legal Personhood, For Nonhuman Animals
     by Richard L. Cupp, Jr.
Environmental Regulation and Natural Resource Management
     by James L. Huffman

Federalism & Separation of Powers

The Circuit Splits Are Out There—and the Court Should Resolve Them
    by Evan Bernick

Financial Services & E-Commerce

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Return of Paternalistic Command-and-Control Regulation
    by Todd J. Zywicki 

Intellectual Property

The Costs of Patent Reform: Early Data and Abuses in the Uneven Playing Field of Post-Issuance Review
    by Greg Dolin
International Design Patent Filing Considerations After U.S. Entry into the Hague Agreement
    by Trevor K. Copeland & Daniel A. Parrish

International & National Security Law

International Trade: New Initiatives
    by Ronald A. Cass & C. Boyden Gray

Labor & Employment

The OFCCP Continues to Add to Its Regulatory Arsenal 
    by Lynn White
Labor Rules: Union Walk Around Rule and Broadened Joint Employer Standard
    by Karen Harned

Telecommunications & Electronic Media

Net Neutrality and the Rule of Law 
    by Richard Wiley & Brett Shumate
Net Neutrality Meets Regulatory Economics 101
    by Joshua D. Wright 

Book Review

The Conservatarian Manifesto by Charles C.W. Cooke 
    Reviewed by Jeremy Rabkin 

Special Feature 

14th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture 
    by John A. Allison