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The Keystone Pipeline - Podcast

The Keystone Pipeline is designed to transport petroleum products from Northeast Alberta, Canada, to as far away as the Gulf Coast of Texas. Proponents argue that the pipeline is essential to lower the cost of petroleum products and increase America’s energy independence. Opponents assert that the process used to “mine” the sand oils in Canada is not environmentally friendly, and that the pipeline itself presents environmental hazards that have not been completely taken into account. As Canada’s oil production and exports increased, President Obama postponed a decision that would have permitted construction of the pipeline extension. Our experts will discuss the merits of the pipeline from differing perspectives.


  • Mr. Daniel Simmons, Institute for Energy Research
  • Prof. Mark Squillace, University of Colorado Law School
  • Moderator: Mr. Dean Reuter, Vice President & Director of Practice Groups, The Federalist Society

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