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Improving the Use of Science for Policy - PodcastScientific information is essential for making sound public policy decisions, particularly those related to health, safety and the environment. Yet the acrimony surrounding many decisions, with accusations of “politicized science” and “junk science,” hinders informed discussion and achievement of policy goals. Recent reports from the Bipartisan Policy Center, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Keystone Group have offered recommendations for improving the use of science for public policy, and the Administrative Conference of the United States is currently developing recommendations for steps agencies could take to improve their procedures for incorporating science inputs in regulatory decisions. On this previously recorded conference call, our experts explore the most significant challenges facing how science is used to inform public policy and what can be done to overcome them.


  • Prof. E. Donald Elliott, Professor (Adjunct) of Law, Yale Law School
  • Mr. David Goldston, Director, Government Affairs Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Prof. Alan B. Morrison, Lerner Family Associate Dean for Public Interest and Public Service Law; Professorial Lecturer in Law, The George Washington University Law School
  • Moderator: Prof. Susan E. Dudley, Director of the Regulatory Studies Center and Research Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration, The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, The George Washington University
  • Introduction: Mr. Dean A. Reuter, Vice President & Director of Practice Groups, The Federalist Society

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