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This Deep Dive episode brings you the recording of the first panel from the Pepperdine Law Review's 2019 Symposium "Regulating Tech: Present Challenges and Possible Solutions".

In this panel, the speakers discuss the implications of internet privacy legislation in both California and Europe on innovation, small businesses, and consumer protection.


  • Thomas Hazlett, Hugh H. Macaulay Endowed Professor of Economics, Clemson College of Business
  • Matthew R. A. Heiman, Senior Fellow and Associate Director for Global Security, National Security Institute
  • Justin “Gus” Hurwitz, Associate Professor of Law and Co-Director of Space, Cyber, and Telecom Law Program, Nebraska College of Law
  • Chris Riley, Director, Public Policy, Mozilla
  • [Moderator] Anna Hsia, Head of West Coast Office, ZwillGen

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