The Regulatory Transparency Project is pleased to share that two short films from its “Fourth Branch” series were recognized by film festivals in 2020.

“Government Surveillance: Security v. Liberty?” was a selection for the Central Florida Film Festival and the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF). In the film, experts Matthew Heiman and Julian Sanchez debate the proper role of government surveillance in the United States, and Faisal Gill – a former Department of Homeland Security official who was surveilled by the federal government beginning in 2006 – tells his story.

“Big Cities and Zoning: The Search for Affordable Housing” was a nominee for the 2020 Seattle Film Festival. The film tells the story of Seattle residents Kip and Michelle Klemz, and features David Bricklin, Bill Reid, and Roger Valdez discussing how urban zoning regulations can impact housing availability for lower and middle-class families.

Both videos were produced in association with Motivo Media, an award-winning creative agency. To view more RTP videos, click here.