The Office of the United States Trade Representative recently delivered President Biden’s 2021 Trade Agenda and 2020 Annual Report to Congress. The report identifies the following trade policy priorities: (1) Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic and Restoring the Economy; (2) Putting Workers at the Center of Trade Policy; (3) Putting the World on a Sustainable Environment and Climate Path; (4) Advancing Racial Equity and Supporting Underserved Communities; (5) Addressing China’s Coercive and Unfair Economic Trade Practices Through a Comprehensive Strategy; (6) Partnering with Friends and Allies; (7) Standing Up for American Farmers, Ranchers, Food Manufacturers, and Fishers; (8) Promoting Equitable Economic Growth Around the World; and (9) Making the Rules Count.

In regard to China, the Report recognizes that “China’s coercive and unfair trade practices harm American workers, threaten our technological edge, weaken our supply chain resiliency, and undermine our national interests.” Specific unfair trade actions that are called out in the report include tariff and non-tariff barriers to market access, forced labor, unfair subsidies (including export subsidies), coercive technology transfers, and illicit acquisition of American intellectual property.

The 2021 Trade Policy Agenda and 2020 Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program are submitted to the Congress pursuant to Section 163 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended.