The Honorable Edwin Meese III and John G. Malcolm of The Heritage Foundation have published a thought-provoking special report titled Policing in America: Lessons from the Past, Opportunities for the Future.

The report's findings were drawn from three objectives set forward in a Policing Strategy Summit organized earlier this year:

  1. Identify the most pressing problems that law enforcement agencies face today, including the breakdown in trust, adequacy of training, proper use of new technologies, media and community relations, and the gathering and sharing of data.
  2. Identify the best practices and most innovative approaches that law enforcement authorities are employing to address these problems and combat crime.
  3. Identify the most effective means of communicating with the public and political leaders, building trust and improving police–community relations, and bringing the needs and concerns of police agencies to the attention of federal officials.

We encourage you to read the report on The Heritage Foundation's website.