The costs and harms that accrue daily from China’s negligence -- framed generously -- in recognizing duties to conduct experimentation responsibly and act transparently upon failure of the former demand redress. To compound China’s poor management of labs that housed the experimentation and lax enforcement of “wet market” prohibitions, the cover-ups, distortions, misdirection and malfeasance that directed communication and accountability have outraged the international community. New suspicions of human manipulation of the virus suggest additional queries into potential government complicity.

The International Law and National Security Practice is sponsoring a telephonic discussion  -- COVID-19 and Suing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese Government -- on June 3 at 1:30 ET that will explore the possibility of class action litigation against China. The filed complaints in this lawsuit contain some startling revelations and attorneys will discuss whether these allegations provide basis for pursuit of damages, surmounting the foreign jurisdictional and sovereign immunity barriers, and they will also suggest alternate routes to restitution and retribution.