The China Trade Relations Act has been re-introduced in support of revoking China’s Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status due to human-rights violations, specifically against Uyghurs. The revocation of PNTR status for China would result in both the loss of preferential trade treatment and significantly increased tariffs on Chinese imports. 

“For twenty years, Communist China has held permanent most-favored-nation status, which has supercharged the loss of American manufacturing jobs. China never deserved this privilege in the first place, and China certainly does not deserve it today. It’s time to protect American jobs and hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their forced labor camps and egregious human rights violations,” said Senator Cotton, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as he introduced this bill in the Senate.

Similarly, the “One China Policy” has been recently questioned as certain House Republicans have re-introduced a bill aimed at dissolving the policy in hopes of obtaining a free trade agreement with Taiwan.

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