*Online Only Issue

Administrative Law & Regulation

Getting More Benefits From Benefit Cost Analysis by J. Kennerly Davis, Jr.

The Legality of Executive Action after King v. Burwell by Josh Blackman

Criminal Law & Procedure

Paroline v. United States: The Question of Restitution by Dean A. Mazzone

Environmental Law & Property Rights

Redefining “Waters of the United States”: Is EPA Undermining Cooperative Federalism? by Karen Bennett & John Henson

Does EPA’s Clean Power Plan Proposal Violate the States’ Sovereign Rights? by David B. Rivkin, Jr., Andrew M. Grossman, & Mark W. DeLaquil

Financial Services & E-Commerce

Fannie and Freddie We’re Stuck With: But Can We Get Rid of GSEs? by Alex J. Pollock


A Jurisprudential Divide in U.S. v. Wong & U.S. v. June by Richard J. Peltz-Steele

Telecommunications & Electronic Media

FCC Preemption of State Restrictions on Government-owned Broadband Networks: An Affront to Federalism by Randolph J. May & Seth L. Cooper

Book Reviews

The Constitution: An Introduction by Michael Stokes Paulsen & Luke Paulsen Reviewed by Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World, Interviews and Selections by Graham Allison & Robert D. Blackwill, with Ali Wyne Reviewed by Adam R. Pearlman