The Founders Club

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

The Federalist Society’s tremendous growth has been made possible in large part by our benefactors, particularly those major donors whose gifts make them members of the James Madison Club.  The Federalist Society has introduced another level of giving to make it easier for young lawyers and law school graduates to support the Society and participate in its activities.  In honor of those original American leaders whose principles the Federalist Society is committed to furthering, young donors at this level are known as members of the Founders Club.

The Founders Club recognizes young members of the Federalist Society who understand the significant effect that the law has on our lives and are determined to play a role in shaping the future of this country and of the conservative and libertarian legal movement.  Membership in the Club is open to all law school graduates not more than ten years out of school who donate a minimum of $250 per year to the Society.  Benefits for members include:

  • Being listed as a member of the Founders Club in our Annual Report (unless otherwise requested)
  • An invitation to attend the annual Founders Club Reception held during our National Lawyers Convention
  • Opportunities to meet other leaders in the legal and public policy world, current and future, who participate in the Society’s programming

The Founders Club is a way for you to stay connected to other young leaders and to continue your involvement in the Society’s activities.  The Federalist Society is looking for its next generation of leaders.  We hope that you will become one of them by joining the Founders Club today.