What are you missing in your study of the law?

Is there more to understanding the law than what you are learning in class? Want some additional view points? The No. 86 project provides different perspectives on key concepts and cases throughout the law school curriculum. Concise, visual presentations challenge your thinking and expand your knowledge base.

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About No.86

No. 86, a reference to the Federalist Papers, continues the conversations our Founding Fathers had in 85 Papers about the proper structure of government.

The project is designed specifically for an audience of law students - providing commentary and analysis on topics relating to the law school curriculum.
The spirit of debate of our Founding Fathers animates all of the No. 86 videos. Video content encourages discussion and critical reflection relative to how each subject is widely understood and taught in law schools and among law students.  


Common Law

Professor Richard Epstein of NYU School of Law provides an alternative to the conventional view that property rights are arbitrarily created by the state, and therefore can be changed at will by the state.

Constitutional Law: Structure

Explore debates over the unitary executive, whether the state or the federal government gets to decide, what is and is not permitted under the Commerce Clause, separation of powers, judicial review...and others.

Roman Law

Roman Law was once part of the standard law school curriculum but is now only studied by specialists (most of whom are not lawyers). What insight does it bring to our understanding of the law today? What can a law student learn from studying some of its core tenets?


Administrative Law

Educating law students about the history and function of the administrative state, and highlighting controversies that have developed over the scope of power that agencies frequently exercise. 


Have you ever wondered what it means to be an originalist? Ever been confused about the different forms of originalism? Wondered what the best justifications for this approach to interpreting the Constitution are? This unit in the No. 86 video project explores these questions and more. 


Are you confused by your 1L Property Class?  Struggling with key cases and concepts? This unit in the No. 86 video series is designed to be a study aid as well as a place you can hear alternative viewpoints to how the subject is being taught in the classroom.


Are you confused by Contracts?  Struggling with key cases and concepts?  This unit in the No. 86 video series is designed to be a study aid as well as a place you can hear alternative viewpoints to how the subject is being taught in the classroom.


Why No.86


Short, digestible videos on key topics in a variety of legal subjects


Dynamic, visually stimulating presentations that make concepts easily digestible


Hear arguments and topics that you might not encounter in the classroom


Engage more with our community to discuss and debate the ideas presented

Frequently Asked Questions

This material is designed for law students and people who are about to begin law school. It’s appropriate for anyone with an interest in learning about foundational legal concepts.
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