Richard L. Kaplan

Prof. Richard L. Kaplan

Guy Raymond Jones Chair in Law, University of Illinois

Professor Richard Kaplan, the Guy Raymond Jones Chair in Law, graduated from Indiana University with highest honors and earned his law degree from Yale University. He practiced law in Houston with Baker & Botts, specializing in U.S. tax consequences of international transactions, before joining the faculty in 1979. An internationally recognized expert on U.S. taxation and tax policy, he has lectured in these areas on three continents, testified before the U.S. Congress on several occasions, and written innovative course books on income taxation and international taxation.

Professor Kaplan developed one of the first law school courses on elder law, an emerging specialty dealing with the legal implications of extended life, and is the co-author of Elder Law in a Nutshell (7th ed. 2019). He has served as faculty advisor for the Elder Law Journal since its inception in 1992. He has also been recognized with the Outstanding Professor in the College of Law several times and has received the Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching at the University of Illinois. Professor Kaplan is a fellow of the Employee Benefits Research Institute and a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance.


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