Kenton J. Skarin

Kenton J. Skarin

Associate, Jones Day

Kenton Skarin focuses on appellate advocacy and dispositive motions practice. He has participated in complex litigation matters across the United States before the courts of appeals and trial courts, including both arguing in court and taking and defending dozens of depositions. He has experience with cases involving diverse issues such as False Claims Act qui tam litigation, tobacco lawsuits, financial services disputes, and administrative law.

Kenton has recently participated in briefing multiple motions to dismiss federal and state False Claims Act lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, institutional pharmacies, and government contractors collectively seeking billions of dollars in damages. These filings have addressed numerous unique substantive and procedural False Claims Act issues, including defenses under the False Claim Act's public disclosure, original source, and first to file bars, as well as statute of limitations and state procedural issues.

Prior to joining Jones Day, Kenton briefed, argued, and prevailed before the Seventh Circuit in a case presenting an issue of first impression. Purvis v. United States, 662 F.3d 939 (7th Cir. 2011). Other prior experience highlights include drafting briefs that led to affirmance of a defense verdict in a commodity futures unjust enrichment lawsuit alleging damages in excess of $300 million arising out of the collapse of a commodity futures dealer. In addition, he wrote several regulatory comment letters on behalf of major financial institutions in response to proposed rules arising out of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Kenton is a member of the board of the Chicago Federalist Society and also has worked in the financial services industry in both the mortgage-backed securities and municipal bond markets.



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