Jeff D. Kottkamp

Hon. Jeff D. Kottkamp

17th Lt. Governor of Florida and President, Jeff Kottkamp, PA

Jeff Kottkamp, P.A. is a law firm strategically positioned in Florida's Capital City.

The President and Founder of the firm, Jeff Kottkamp, is an AV rated attorney who has been licensed to practice law for 25 years. He specializes in Legislative and Governmental affairs. In November of 2006 he was elected as Florida's 17th Lieutenant Governor and served the citizens of Florida in that capacity from 2007-2011. On June 18, 2008 he served as Acting Governor of the State of Florida.

Prior to serving as Lt. Governor, Governor Kottkamp served in the Florida House of Representatives for three terms from 2000 to 2006 representing portions of Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota Counties. While in the House, Governor Kottkamp served as Chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee, Chairman of the Government Operations Committee, and Vice-Chairman of the Rules Committee. Governor Kottkamp was also Chairman of the Lee County Legislative Delegation.

Governor Kottkamp has extensive experience with the state budget process. As a member of the Legislature he served as Chairman of the Judicial Appropriations Committee and also served on the Fiscal Council. He had direct responsibility for more than $1 billion in the state budget. As Lt. Governor he worked with the Governor's Office of Policy and Budget to help shape Florida's $70+ billion budget.

Governor Kottkamp's experience in State government is unique in the halls of the State Capitol. Having served both in the Executive Office of the Governor and as a Member of the House of Representatives, Governor Kottkamp has firsthand experience in the process that few have. Moreover, many of the current members and staff in the Legislature, as well as members of the staff in the Governor's office, worked alongside Governor Kottkamp when he was in office.

Since leaving public office in January of 2011, Governor Kottkamp has used his knowledge and experience in state government to help clients successfully pursue their goals and objectives.