Evan Baehr

Evan Baehr

Co-Founder, Able Lending

Evan Baehr is the cofounder of Able, an online lender to small businesses.  It launched June 2014 with the Wall Street Journal'sWeekend Interview and on TechCrunch.  His passion at Able is to serve the Fortune 5 Million – the 5.8 million small businesses that represent the backbone of the American economy.  His previous startup was Outbox, a consumer internet company aiming to takeover the US Postal Service and backed by venture capitalists Peter Thiel and Mike Maples, featured on Fox NewsCNNTechCrunchFastCompanyWall Street JournalINC, the New York Times, and on Jay Leno.  

He has worked on the Facebook platform under Sheryl Sandberg, helping shape a vision to make life better by making it social, and for Peter Thiel building a political data company. He’s an honors graduate of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, Yale Divinity School, and Harvard Business School.

He has worked for the American Enterprise Institute’s Charles Murray, the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, served as a legislative aid on the House Appropriations Committee under Rep. Frank Wolf, was Chief of Staff on the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, under which he wrote the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, and was the failed candidate for Princeton’s City Council, despite receiving more votes than George W. Bush. 

He has served on the board of the Manhattan Institute’s Adam Smith Society, the New Canaan Society, the Rivendell Institute, and Harvard Business School's FIELD Program, and is a mentor with First Round Capital's Dorm Room Fund.  He cofounded the Hoover Institute’s Rising Fellows Program, Harvard Business School’s [email protected], Princetonians in the Nation’s Service, and the Yale Forum on Faith and Politics.  He is the recipient of the Lily Endowment Thesis Prize, the Blackstone Legal Fellowship, and Princeton’s James Madison Fellowship.  He lives in Austin, TX, with his wife, Kristina Scurry Baehr, a patent litigator, and children Cooper and Madeleine. 


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