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In our nation's federalist system, the federal government's powers are limited to those that have been prescribed by the U.S Constitution, with additional powers reserved to the states. In recent years, state attorneys general have served as a robust check on executive branch overreach, increasingly using litigation to challenge federal encroachment with respect to environmental and land use issues, immigration, labor policy, and health care (among other examples). This panel will discuss what Ohio can and should do to fight federal encroachment into state affairs. How will federalism be protected during the Trump Administration?

This panel was held during the Inaugural Ohio Chapters Conference at the Athletic Club of Columbus on Friday, March 31, 2017.


  • Hon. Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General 
  • David Fornshell, Warren County Prosecutor 
  • Hon. Wes Goodman, Ohio House of Representatives, District 87 
  • Hon. Dave Yost, Ohio Auditor of State
  • Moderator: Eric Murphy, Ohio State Solicitor
  • Introduction: Ben Flowers, President, Columbus Lawyers Chapter

Athletic Club of Columbus
Columbus, OH