The Federalist Society Journalist's Guide to Legal Policy Experts is a guide to legal authorities who can provide conservative and libertarian perspectives on legal issues. The individuals in this guide are leading figures in their fields, and most also have extensive media experience. Though many are conservative or libertarian, others are moderate or even liberal, but take a conservative or libertarian position on the particular issues specified in the directory.

We anticipate that this directory will simplify the journalist's job by listing experts conservative and libertarian viewpoints all in one place. The guide includes a Topical Index listing the names, phone numbers, and affiliations of the experts specializing in each topic. Turn to the topic you are covering, and you will find a list of qualified individuals available for comment. We update this directory periodically, and we hope to add expert biographies in the near future.

The current version of the Journalist's Guide was last updated in 2009. Please contact the Federalist Society if you have any questions.