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1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
The Ideal Basel

What are the alternatives for resolving the multiple Basel imbroglios? How can any potential adverse interactions between new risk-based capital standards and the leverage capital ratio be minimized? What approaches can be taken to minimize the possible competitive distortions between (1) banks of different sizes, (2) domestic-only versus internationally active banks, and (3) banks assuming different types of risks, such as credit risk, interest-rate risk, or operational risk? What should be done to resolve conflicts and duplication between risk-based capital standards and the FDIC's new risk-based deposit-insurance premium assessment system?

  • Hon. Wayne A. Abernathy, American Bankers Association and former Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions, U.S. Department of Treasury
  • Ms. Karen Shaw Petrou, Federal Financial Analytics
  • Mr. Michael Roster, Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Golden West Financial Corporation
  • Mr. Charles Taylor, Director, Operational Risk, Risk Management Association
  • Prof. Keith R. Fisher, Michigan State University College of Law-Moderator

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