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In the book Struck Dumb: The History and Consequences of Campaign Finance Reform, Allison Hayward reviews the path taken in regulating money in politics. She is critical of the rationale behind many conventional reforms and prohibitions, such as the ban on corporate and labor funding. She is also critical of the scope of disclosure in the system, believing that it imposes undue burden on giving. In her view, the laws governing campaign finance are simultaneously complex, restrictive and porous, are difficult to defend, and are in need of drastic revisions. Michael Malbrin of the Campaign Financial Institute will respond to her presentation.

 Excerpts from Struck Dumb by Allison R. Hayward

Speakers Included:

  • Ms. Allison Hayward, Blogger at and Former Counsel to FEC Commissioner Bradley A. Smith
  • Mr. Michael Malbin, The Campaign Finance Institute
  • Mr. Stephen Hoersting, Executive Director of the Center for Competative Politics and Former General Counsel to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (Moderator)

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2006
Location: National Press Club

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