Call for Papers relating to Freedom of Contract

The Federalist Society's Faculty Division is pleased to announce a Call for Papers relating to the topic of Freedom of Contract.  Up to three submissions will be selected for inclusion in an upcoming Faculty Division colloquium on the topic Freedom of Contract.  Authors of the selected pieces will each receive a prize of $5,000 (any co-authors must share a single prize).  The Freedom of Contract topic is intentionally broad in scope, though we have a particular interest in papers that examine limitations imposed on freedom of contract under our legal system, the attendant justifications for these limitations, including in areas such as labor & employment, consumer contracts, or corporations/business entities, and potential responses to these justifications.

The Freedom of Contract colloquium is designed to stimulate discussion about questions relating to the freedom of contract, with sessions devoted to its foundations and justification and its application to particular situations, such as contracts of adhesion and waivers of fiduciary duty.  Winning submissions will be incorporated into an additional colloquium session, the purpose of which is to allow everyone involved to engage with some of the latest thinking on Freedom of Contract issues.  

The authors will be expected to attend the colloquium (Apr. 12-13, 2013 in the Washington, D.C. area) but not to present their papers in the formal sense; rather, all participants will have read the papers beforehand and will come prepared to engage in a freewheeling discussion on the issues raised therein.  Submissions will be accepted from current law faculty or those pursuing full-time employment in the legal academy
There is a limit of one submission per person.

Submissions must be substantially complete and formatted in accord with the Bluebook.

Submissions should be of a quality publishable in a mainstream law journal, but must not have been published as of the date of the submission deadline below.  This must be the case even if the paper has been accepted for publication in a journal or law review.

Submissions must be sent via Microsoft Word or pdf attachment to [email protected] no later than 5:00pm Eastern Time on Friday, March 1, 2013.

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