2017 Student Leadership Conference

We are excited to announce that we are holding our annual Student Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday, July 14th through Sunday, July 16th.

What is the SLC? This meeting will bring together our Chapter Presidents from around the country and give us the opportunity to plan, share valuable ideas, and discuss strategies to make next year our most successful ever.  This weekend will also provide the opportunity to meet other Federalists and attend a summer party featuring many distinguished guests. 

The National Office will cover travel and lodging expenses for the newly elected Chapter President (or one substitute officer in lieu of the President, if the Chapter President cannot attend, attended last year, is thinking of transferring, or will study off campus for a semester) from each school. Please note that we cannot reimburse international flights. If you will be studying or working overseas this summer, please send another officer in your place.

Who can attend the SLC? Only one officer from each school may attend (in the case of Co-Presidents, your Co-Presidents will have to flip a coin as the room will be at capacity). Please Note that if you are thinking of transferring law schools next semester, yet you still plan on attending the conference, you must inform us of this before you register. If you do not, then we will have to bill you for the cost of your registration and lodging expenses. 


 ATTN: Incoming Chapter Presidents at our non-accredited law schools, foreign law schools and undergrad chapters must check with us first whether funding is available for a representative to attend the SLC, since our standard funding policies do not apply to your Chapters.



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